About Us...

inVest Property Solutions, Inc provides unparalleled service and support to our clients and customers by offering a dynamic and personalized approach to achieving various real estate goals, whatever they may be. We accomplish that by specializing in residential real estate, property management, HOA management, real estate investment, and home maintenance/ construction. Our team of real estate, management, and construction experts all strive to accomplish our very simple, yet very powerful mission – to serve our clients and customers in such a way that it sets a new standard for their customer service expectations. We do this by employing the Platinum Rule, where we treat those around us how they wish to be treated. We will work with you towards your goals and do everything in our power to help you achieve them. Whether you’re looking to become one of our treasured tenants, are exploring your options as an investor in today’s market, or need some property or HOA management, we remain committed to prioritizing your interests as highly as you do.

Residential Real Estate

We are passionate about empowering community members to achieve their dreams of homeownership. Our trained and highly skilled Realtor staff will help you look for the home that’s right for you, represent you in negotiating for the purchase of the home you select, and help you navigate the transaction through to its closing – and beyond! Then, in a few years when you're ready to sell that home and look for something new, we'll be there to find the perfect buyer for your home and help you make another wonderful transition into a new chapter of your life.


We work closely with our investor clients to provide unique, personalized experiences for the purpose of helping them grow a high performing asset and/or portfolio while maximizing returns. Having all required services under one roof allows us to offer a dynamic and flexible approach to meeting our clients’ real estate needs, part of which includes a simple, hands-off investment strategy designed to serve the needs of both first time investors and seasoned professionals.

Our Real Estate Professionals find properties for you in markets across the country; vigorously represent you in the negotiation, purchases, and sales of your investment properties; offer insights into ways to maximize your return on investment; market and sell your property when it’s time to do so; and include you in our exclusive Portfolio Share Program that highlights our “Coming Soon” listings.

Our Property Management Professionals keep your property leased to full capacity, manage all maintenance and upkeep standards, maintain fulfilling relationships with your tenants to ensure their satisfaction and increase your average occupancy, and manage all monies to maximize your return on investment.

Our Construction/Renovation Professionals work diligently to prepare properties for occupancy, make your property the most attractive in its class, perform routine maintenance to uphold your investment’s quality, return properties to “Rent Ready” status in such a way that minimizes vacancy rates, and help upgrade or expand properties when needed.

Rental Opportunities

We work diligently to provide our tenants with the utmost in customer satisfaction and are thankful to be considered an option as you consider which home you'd like to rent. Our aim is to ensure a safe and comfortable living environment for you, as well as top notch customer service in terms of property management and servicing the home's needs.

Property Management

Our Property Mangement Team is excited to find a tenant for your home, respond to tenant inquiries and maintenance requests, and keep you up to date on any and all information pertinent to your investment. We're devoted to exceeding your expectations and will remain consistent in our efforts to help you achieve your goals.

HOA Management

Our HOA Management Team helps associations fulfill their duties by maintaining and publishing pristine accounting records, coordinating property and grounds maintenance, and working directly with homeowners as their needs arise. Again, inVest's commitment to excellence and accuracy is sure to exceed your expectations for management services.